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The effective,
targeted response to cancers.

IORT (Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy) involves the administration of a single dose of radiation during surgery, to eliminate any cancer tissue the surgeon is unable to remove.
Thanks to mobile linear accelerators, high-energy accelerated electron beams, which deliver a very uniform dose of radiation to the target tissue in extremely short times, can now be used directly in the operating room.
IORT, adopted worldwide, is an effective, safe method for the local control of cancers, reducing the risk of regrowth.


Only a major innovation
can be this lightweight.

SIT raises IORT to new levels of effectiveness and convenience, with obvious benefits terms of practicality and cost savings. The LIAC and NOVAC combine state-of-the-art technology with new designs that increase convenience and user-friendliness. No other mobile electronic accelerator in the world is so small and lightweight, for quick, agile movement around operating rooms with no interference with operating procedures. This makes IORT even more affordable: just one device covers the needs of several rooms, and patients can be treated on an ordinary operating table.

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