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The information provided below and relating to the use of cookies is written and updated by SIT Sordina IORT Technologies SpA, owner of the website and the processing of personal data connected to it, with registered office in Galleria del Pozzo Rosso, 36100 Vicenza VAT number 03782160240. Any further request regarding the use of cookies on this website can be sent to the following email address:

Cookies are small strings of text exchanged between a website and the user’s browser, every time you access an Internet website. These strings, which do not contain any executable code, are used for different activities, such as performing automatic authentication, keeping track of sessions, storing information to improve the website navigation or the user’s browsing experience. Each domain visited through a browser can set one or more cookies. An Internet page can contain objects coming from many different domains and each of them can set cookies (in this case called “third-party”). The use of cookies improves the browsing experience on the website and keeps the same settings for your next visit.

The general provision of the Authority for the privacy protection (GU No. 126 of 3 June 2014) defines two types of cookies:

  • Technical cookies – only used to allow the transmission of a communication, to complete a service requested by the user or to perform statistical research.
  • Profiling cookies – used to record the user’s behaviour and his/her preferences in order to send advertising messages in line with his/her profile.

How many types of cookies exist?

There are various types of cookies, with different features. Cookies can be classified as follows:

session cookies, which are deleted immediately when the browser is closed (for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).

Persistent cookies, which – unlike session cookies – remain into the device and continue to operate even once the browser is closed and until a certain time.

first-party cookies, i.e. cookies generated and managed directly by the manager of the website where the user is browsing.

third-party cookies, which are generated and managed by parties other than the operator of the website where the user is browsing (in force, as a rule, a contract between the website owner and the third party).

Technical cookies:

These cookies allow the correct functioning of some parts of the website. They are stored in the browser; it is possible to delete them or disable their reception, compromising the functionality of some services on the website, though. The user can modify the cookie reception setting by changing the storage settings as described in the “How to disable cookies?” section of this document.

Cookie Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool that mainly allows you to gather information (such as, data on the pages visited, the time spent on the website, the way in which the site has been reached and everything that the user clicked while browsing our pages) anonymously and to report website trends without identifying individual visitors. You can view the privacy policies of Google at the following link:

We also inform you that videos on our YouTube channel can be incorporated into the website. These videos, when viewed, set third-party cookies on your computer or on your mobile device, belonging to the YouTube domain, in order to improve the video playback features and collect information in an anonymous format of the videos viewed by the user.

The Cookies present are listed in the following table:

Wp-api-schema-modelhttps Session cookie Pending
pll_language 1 year Technical Cookie used to store the selected language
_ga 2 years Cookie used by Google Analytcs to analyse the browsing statistics For information about cookies visit:
_gid Session cookie
_gat Session cookie
Collect Session cookie Used to send data to Google Analytics related to the devices and the user’s behaviour. It stores the visitor’s information on devices and marketing channels.
Consent 7042 days Pending For information about cookies visit:

Yt-player-two-stage-token Persistent Pending
GPS Session cookie It registers a unique ID on the mobile devices to allow the track thanks to the GPS.
PREF 8 months youtube Video
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 179 days youtube Video
YSC Session cookie youtube Video
test_cookie Session cookie Used to verify if the user’s browser supports cookies. For information about cookies visit:

IDE 1 year Used by Google DoubleClick to register and provide reviews on the user’s actions on the website after having clicked one of the advertisements in order to measure the efficacy of an advert and propose a focused advert to the user.

How to disable cookies:

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are set to accept cookies. However, all browsers allow you to control and disable cookies through the browser settings. We remind you, however, that disabling navigation cookies or functional cookies can cause the website misfunctioning and / or limit the service that we offer.

You can disable the use of cookies on your PC by disabling cookies through your browser settings.

The disabling procedures for the most popular browsers are described below.


Run the Chrome Browser

Click on the menu in the browser toolbar

Select Settings

Click on Show Advanced Settings

In the Privacy section, click on the Content settings button

In the Cookies section you can change the following cookie settings:

  • allow data to be saved locally
  • change local data only until the browser is closed
  • prevent sites from setting cookies
  • block third-party cookies and site data
  • manage exceptions for some websites
  • elimination of one or all cookies.

For more information visit the dedicated page:

Mozilla Firefox

Run the Mozilla Firefox Browser

Click on the menu in the browser toolbar

Select Options

Select the Privacy panel

Click on Show Advanced Settings

In the Privacy section, click on the Content settings button

In the Tracking section you can change the following cookie settings:

  • Ask the sites not to make any tracking
  • communicate to the sites the availability to be tracked
  • not communicate any preference regarding the tracking of personal data.

From the History section you can:

  • select to accept third-party cookies and store them for a specified period
  • remove individual cookies stored.

For more information visit the dedicated page:

Internet Explorer

Run the Internet Explorer Browser

Click the Tools button and choose Internet Options

Click on the Privacy tab and in the Settings section you can:

  • block all cookies
  • allow all cookies
  • selection of sites to allow the use of cookies.

For more information visit the dedicated page:



Run the Safari Browser

Click on Safari, select Preferences and press Privacy

In the Block Cookie section, specify how Safari must accept cookies from websites.

To see which sites have installed cookies click on Details.

For more information visit the dedicated page:


Run the Opera Browser

Click on the Preferences then on Advanced and finally on Cookies

Select one of the following options:

  • accept all cookies
  • accept cookies only from the site you visit
  • never accept cookies.

For more information visit the dedicated page:

For information on how to manage and delete cookies on your tablet and / or mobile phone, please visit the Help section of your browser.


It is possible that some settings may be different depending on whether you use the browser on a Mac or a PC. In addition, browsers often change the interface and commands for general settings. In case our instructions are not updated for the distribution of a new version of the browsers described above, please see the instructions of the manufacturers of these softwares.

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